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Academics’ deep and broad knowledge, expertise, and networks are a vital resource for the public service. Learn more of the range of mechanisms to find potential academic partners to support the work of the APS.

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The APS CALD Employment Strategy will be launched soon and provides a platform for better understanding and building on the strengths of the cultural diversity of the current APS workforce.

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       What you need to know when Working in     
       Government and Procurement Essentials 

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Procurement Essentials and Contract Management

Good contract management is an essential component in achieving value for money for Australian Government procurements. The Australian Government Contract Management Guide provides practical process guidance at a practitioner level for Commonwealth officials who manage contracts.
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The APS Induction Pathway provides new and returning employees with essential information and guidance to work effectively in the APS. Find links to essential information such as APS values, responsibilities, and support for your career.
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Australia has the opportunity to make best use of our waste resources by recycling them to create new products. The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water have created a Sustainable Procurement Guide to assist in this decision making.

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APS Unlocked - Essential information and tips for a successful and productive career in the APS:

This course is delivered on 04/06/2024, by face-to-screen comprising of one 90-minute session.

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