In this TED talk, Jason Clarke (2010) analyses the change process and how to support people to embrace change.

What makes a leader sound compelling - even when delivering bad news? Speaker coach Noah Zandan analysed data on how visionary leaders talk. This TED talk looks at these key elements.

Read Kristin Neff highlights three elements of self-compassion and stresses the importance of having compassion for oneself.

Caroline Webb (2018) discusses the ‘discover-defend axis’ which is a model showing that the brain has two ‘modes’ which shape the way humans interact.

In her TED talk, ‘The power of believing that you can improve’ (2014), Carol Dweck discusses the ‘growth mindset’ which leaders can use to build their brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems.

Behavioural insights tools assist understanding human behaviour, which can inform policy design.

This course provides a platform for users to access public policy research as well as provide information on upcoming learning, events and networking opportunities.