The APS HR Profession has developed an information package to support HR professionals in a range of day-to-day activities to high level strategic positioning.
APS Academy toolkit

In this video, Brené Brown (2013) explains how to create a genuine empathic connection through understanding ourselves and our own fragilities.

In this TED talk, ‘Flow, the secret to happiness’ (2004), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi presents the ‘Flow’ model and the different elements involved in achieving flow.

Key leadership thought-leader, Ronald Heifetz (2009) explains the concept of adaptive leadership and highlights the importance of knowing the difference between adaptive and technical challenges as a leader.

In this TED talk, Jason Clarke (2010) analyses the change process and how to support people to embrace change.

What makes a leader sound compelling - even when delivering bad news? Speaker coach Noah Zandan analysed data on how visionary leaders talk. This TED talk looks at these key elements.

Read Kristin Neff highlights three elements of self-compassion and stresses the importance of having compassion for oneself.

Caroline Webb (2018) discusses the ‘discover-defend axis’ which is a model showing that the brain has two ‘modes’ which shape the way humans interact.