The framework is made up of seven key questions, your answers to which will provide decision makers with a strong evidence base to support informed policy decisions.

This video describes the Caretaker Conventions that apply in the lead up to a Federal election and provides guidance for APS employees on how to conduct themselves during this time.

The ILS provides capability development guidance for individuals and agencies in the form of descriptions and behaviours for all levels in the Australian Public Service.

The Secretaries Talent Council, with the endorsement of the Secretaries Board have identified the leadership capabilities considered critical for success in the most senior roles in the APS.
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The model for great policy advice comprises of four key elements: Clear on intent; well informed; Practical to implement and Influential.

The Policy's goal is to embed risk management as part of the culture of Commonwealth entities where the shared understanding of risk leads to well informed decision making.

When commissioning services, the Commonwealth Procurement Framework sets out the basic rules for all Commonwealth procurements and and the way entities undertake their own processes.