A practical guide to help APS taskforces through every stage of the taskforce lifecycle.

The Australian Government commissioned Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) to undertake a capacity study on the workforce needs for Australia’s transition to a clean energy economy. Learn more about how partnering with stakeholders and specialists has assisted them and what it could mean for your similar endeavours.
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The Government’s APS Reform Agenda and Delivering for Australians highlighted the need to build an integrated strategic approach to workforce management. The need to strengthen workforce planning capability to plan and develop the capabilities the APS needs for the future is becoming increasingly more critical.
APS Academy toolkit

The strategy establishes the first whole-of-enterprise approach to strategic workforce management, enabling effective delivery for the government and Australian communities.
APS Academy toolkit

The Digital Professional Stream Strategy is a structured way to build and uplift the core digital expertise of leadership and the workforce. It outlines the 6 broad themes and signature initiatives that will bring the strategy to life and create momentum.