Women in Leadership Program - October

The Women in Leadership program aims to support women executives aspiring to take on more senior or complex leadership roles. The program seeks to enhance your ability to exercise leadership effectively within organisational structures and practices that present specific challenges for women. You will be provided with an opportunity to build networks of support and to develop practical skills to enhance your leadership practice.


  • Group Orientation session
  • Three facilitated workshops: Workshop one: three days; Workshop two: two days; Workshop three: two days
  • Two individual coaching sessions
  • Workplace tasks to be completed between workshops


Delivery will take place in line with jurisdictional COVID-19 restrictions. Should restrictions change this delivery may be rescheduled or updated to be delivered virtually.

Unless you have an exemption, you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend a face-to-face activity. You will be required to show proof of vaccination on the day of the activity. If you are not vaccinated for COVID-19 please call the APS Academy to discuss.


This offering is facilitated by a third party selected by the APS Academy. The facilitator will have considerable subject matter expertise through the practice and academia.

10 sessions over 6 months: seven 8-hour sessions, two 1-hour sessions and one 2-hour session.
Event type
Australian Capital Territory
$7500 per attendee
24 seats