Presentation Skills - September

This is a practical and participative course to build confidence in giving presentations. Examine the learning techniques, structures and elements that create and deliver good presentations. Learn how to present with confidence and make use of that nervous energy. Use a step-by-step plan to create presentations and use visual aids to make the content memorable and engaging. Try your hand at presenting to a small group and receive advice and constructive feedback. The course is filled with suggestions, ideas and insights that will assist participants to develop their own personal presentation and facilitation styles. It uses a highly interactive approach, with participants given the opportunity to make several short presentations and workshop deliveries.


Delivery will take place in line with jurisdictional COVID-19 restrictions. Should restrictions change this delivery may be rescheduled or updated to be delivered virtually.

Unless you have an exemption, you must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend a face-to-face activity. You will be required to show proof of vaccination on the day of the activity. If you are not vaccinated for COVID-19 please call the APS Academy to discuss.


This offering is facilitated by a third party selected by the APS Academy. The facilitator will have considerable subject matter expertise through the practice and academia.

Two sessions. 3.5 hours each.
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Australian Capital Territory
$675 per attendee
10 seats