MasterCraft Series – Workforce Planning for Accounting and Finance Managers

This MasterCraft Series event presents accounting and finance managers with an opportunity to understand and address workforce challenges in their teams.

The session will provide evidence-based workforce insights, highlight priority workforce risk areas, and articulate the role of managers in addressing and mitigating workforce risks within their teams. This session will demonstrate workforce management tools and strategies for accounting and finance managers to address these risks and build engaged, highly capable and high performing teams.  



Portrait of Sally Lowe

Sally Lowe, Assistant Director, APS Workforce Strategy & Planning, Australian Public Service Commission

Sally Lowe is the Assistant Director, APS Workforce Planning at the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC). In her role she leads the APS Centre of Excellence for Workforce Planning, which aims to build workforce planning capability across the APS. Sally leads a small policy team of experts that provide hands-on support and tools for strategic workforce planning to APS departments and agencies, and capability development to workforce planners and strategists in the APS. 

Sally brings over 12 years’ experience in leading and delivering strategic and operational workforce management programs in large complex environments including public sector, higher education and private enterprises. She is passionate about building strategic workforce planning capability and understanding internal and external labour markets.


Marlee Law Headshot

Marlee Law, A/g Assistant Director, APS Workforce Strategy and Planning

Marlee Law is a Workforce Planning and Strategy Senior Advisor at the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC). In her role, Marlee works across multiple project areas within the APS Centre of Excellence for Workforce Planning to build capability across the APS. Marlee specialises in providing hands-on support to agencies in supporting their workforce planning initiatives, such as APS Job Family Framework mapping support, and peer reviewing workforce planning approaches.

Participant benefits

  • Discover workforce benchmarking and insights relevant to the APS accounting and finance workforce.
  • Gain awareness of the priority risks impacting the APS accounting and finance workforce.
  • Learn about the workforce planning strategies and levers which could address those risks.

Suitable for

EL 1 – SES Band 1

Craft and User level

This workshop aligns with the APS People Craft at the Practitioner level.


$0 per attendee.

2 hours, 9:30am - 11:30am (AEST)
Event type
Australia wide
$0 per attendee
60 seats