MasterCraft Series – Trust in Government's use of AI

Explore your understanding of AI with Dr Sean Gallagher, who led Australia's first study on Generative AI at work - empowering employee mental wellbeing with Deloitte, and has developed a new Australian HR Institute (AHRI) short course Future-Ready HR: a Practical Introduction to GenAI Integration; and Dr Emily Gray, who led the APS' first Long-term Insights Brefing on 'How might artificial intelligence affect the trustworthiness of public service delivery?' . Learn about the risks and opportunities of AI that exist for the APS, as well as the Australian community's expectations for how the APS adopts and uses AI.



Portrait of Dr Sean Gallagher

Dr Sean Gallagher

Dr. Sean Gallagher is the founder of Humanova and one of Australia’s leading experts on the future of work. He focuses on how technology transforms how work gets done, and how to accelerate human capability to drive value creation for organisations. He led the Centre for the New Workforce at Swinburne University for six years. 

Sean has outstanding expertise on generative AI, leading the first research on the impact of GenAI on knowledge work in Australia with partners Deloitte. “GenAI & the Future of Human Work” will be published shortly. He developed the first short course on GenAI with a focus on business productivity and has worked with companies and government agencies on the integration of GenAI. 

Across GenAI and hybrid work, Sean has supported thousands of leaders spanning both private and public sectors and has led engagements with dozens of organisations, including Westpac, Spirit Super, ANZ, Mirvac, the Victoria Department of Transport, Regional Development Australia, QBE and AMP. 

He has a PhD in chemistry and was awarded the RACI Cornforth Medal for the best chemistry or chemistry-related PhD in Australia. He has been a researcher at Stanford University and the University of Southern California. 


Headshot of Dr Emily Gray

Dr Emily Gray

Dr Emily Gray is a Senior Adviser in the Policy Projects and Taskforce Office, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), where she leads the Long-term Insights Briefings. Prior to joining PM&C, Emily was an Inquiry and Research Manager at the Productivity Commission.

She also spent six years at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, where her work focused on agricultural resilience and innovation, and food security in Southeast Asia. She has a PhD from the University of Sydney.


Anthony Dusan, APS Academy

Participant benefits

  • Learn the risks and opportunities of AI that exist for the APS.
  • Gain insights into how hybrid work models can influence standards and strategies.
  • Learn how GenAI integration can enhance business productivity.

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All staff.

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This learning experience aligns with the Strategy, Policy and Evaluation Craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

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