MasterCraft Series – Responsive or reactive government

Increasingly flexible, temporary and networked structures underpin shifts in government business and strategic relationship management with other sectors. Likewise, new forms of accountability in the public sector, including more direct engagement with the public and the individualisation of service, whether face-to-face, through letters and call centres or online, can be seen as part of a trend towards more responsive government.

On the other hand, influences such as social media and a perceived crisis of public confidence in political and governmental processes can be seen more as demonstrating reactivity.

Public servants in providing guidance and recommendations need to balance the risks in offering advice to ministers while orienting themselves to the public interest. It involves managing outwards, through a complex system of relationships that are both enabled and made more complex by technological change.

In this masterclass workshop, we will review the practical contributions that systems thinking can make towards managing these tensions. The session will enable you to:

  • Describe changes in the environment impacting the system of government.
  • Manage outwards in complex systems.

Dr Kate Joyner is an experienced executive educator, management consultant and facilitator. Kate develops leaders and leadership groups for the challenges of the 21st century. Kate has held senior executive development positions in the university and government sectors for more than two decades.

Kate completed her PhD in Business Strategy in 2011, and is the winner of several academic awards for her work in partnering and joint ventures. Kate has particular expertise and academic interest in complex organisations, as well as smart collaboration between government, business and the non-profit sector. 

The APS Academy MasterCraft Series is a program of masterclasses delivered by experts in their fields. The Engagement and Partnership component of this MasterCraft Series is presented in collaboration with our Public Service Management Program (PSMP) delivery partner, the Queensland University of Technology.


Dr Kate Joyner

Craft and User Level

This event aligns with the Engagement & Partnership Craft at the Foundation level.

Two hour session – 2pm - 4pm
Event type
Australia wide
$75 per attendee
40 seats