MasterCraft Series – Regulatory Overlap: Principles for Reform

Overlapping regulation can be a form of regulatory failure. Regulation that conflicts, overrules or obstructs another can cause both inefficient compliance processes and reactance of regulated entities.

There have been instances where overlapping regulation has been considered beneficial, however in general this is a circumstance best avoided. Overlapping regulation has been identified in jurisdictions all over the world, and it is not confined to federal systems of government. However, federal systems do pose a particular challenge when correcting this form of regulatory failure. 

This MasterCraft session will present the results of a recent study of regulatory overlap in three federal systems – Canada, Germany, and the United States – to highlight key lessons that might be applied in an Australian context.


Associate Professor Felicity Deane, QUT Law | Queensland University of Technology

Lachlan Robb School of Law | Queensland University

Participant benefits

  • Gain insights into contemporary issues causing regulation failure.
  • Understand better the challenges facing federal government regulators.

Craft and User Level

This workshop aligns with the Services and Implementation craft at the Foundation level.


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2 hours, 3:00–5:00 pm (AEST)
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Australia wide
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60 seats