MasterCraft Series – QUT Data Research Seminar

Professor David Lovell, QUT School of Computer Science factilitates a research seminar on  the theme of 'meaningful data and appropriate data analyses are fundamental to modern democracy'.

This session's topic will discuss what is meaningful data. Data alone however does not tell us what it means or how it should be analysed. Meaning involves understanding how data have come to be: what’s the story behind the statistics? What’s the narrative behind the numbers?

Our panellists bring rich perspectives on the data gathered by our public institutions, the ways in which meaning is attached to it, and the analysis challenges it brings.

Panellists will be Gentry White and Bernadette Giuffrida, both co-chairs of the QUT Centre for Data Science for the ABS and Garret McDonald, Chief Data Officer, Services Australia) who will be quizzed on this topic and their perspectives on it.


David Lovell is a Professor in QUT School of Computer Science, and Centre for Data Science, and leader of the Centre's Data-Focused Decision-Making Program. 

An electrical engineer by training, David’s interests lie at the intersection of humanity, technology and science, particularly data science. We humans are the ones who stand to benefit (or suffer) from systems that use data to make or inform decisions that affect our lives. David wants to ensure that data science and technology are developed, designed and delivered with this in mind so that our world is better as a result.

Suitable for

APS 4 - EL 2

Craft and User Level

This workshop aligns with the Data Profession at the Foundation level.

One 2 hour session.
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Australia wide
$0 per attendee
40 seats