MasterCraft Series – That Quiet Little Voice - When Design and Ethics Collide

The design industry’s relationship to the field of business has long been established and continues to become further entangled each year. But designers aren’t just satisfied with only disrupting the business sector—they’re keen to disrupt the social sector too. Unfortunately, the weaknesses baked into the discipline of design (that have been present from the start) are readily exposed when designers enter complex social issues and treat them like any other human-centered innovation challenge. The lack of a moral framework, let alone a set of ethical guidelines, put designers at great risk of doing more harm than good. 

This talk will not provide attendees with a prescribed set of moral or ethical guidelines to follow but it will attempt to nurture the quiet little voice inside each participant that has been hushed into submission on their journey to becoming a grown-up.



Headshot of George Aye

George Aye

George co-founded Greater Good Studio in 2011, to use design to heal, be just, and be restorative. Previously, he spent seven years at a global innovation firm before being hired as the first human-centered designer at the Chicago Transit Authority.

Since founding Greater Good, he has guided clients and teams through complex projects that honor reality, create ownership, and build power. He speaks frequently across the US and internationally. George is an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University. Previously, he was a Full Professor (Adj) at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Anthony Dusan, APS Academy

Participant benefits

•    Dedicated time to discuss the ethical implications of design work in a public setting.
•    Real world examples of when professionals feel ethically compromised.

Suitable for

All staff.

Category and User level

This learning experience aligns with the Integrity Craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

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1-hour face-to-screen session. 11:00AM - 12:00PM (AEST)
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Australia wide
40 seats