MasterCraft Series - Putting people and business at the centre

Putting people and business at the centre of policy and services in the APS

As part of her inaugural Annual Statement on APS Reform on 1 November 2023, Minister Gallagher announced two key initiatives driving the government’s priority to put people and business at the centre of policy and services. The Charter of Partnerships and Engagement and the Vision for User-Centred Service Excellence are central to building more impactful and trusted policy and services. This event will provide an overview of each as well as a discussion around some of the commonalities shared by the two initiatives.



Wes Horton, Director, Service Design and Innovation Branch, Services Australia

Wes has more than 23 years of experience in leading the delivery and design of human services for state and federal governments, including complex reform, strategy and service delivery operations. Wes is committed to transformation that delivers better services for customers and government. Wes has worked in public sector leadership roles to deliver frontline services, improve commissioning and the design of better government-wide reform.


Mark Batey, Assistant Director, Service Design and Innovation Branch, Services Australia 

Mark has a 20-year career in the design and delivery of government services. He has always had a commitment and passion for ensuring the needs of the service user are considered first and foremost. Mark has also worked in roles leading the design and delivery of features to improve the safety of staff and service users. Mark has a strong commitment in ensuring that the needs of society’s most vulnerable are included in the design of new services.


Georgina Alsop, Director Engagement and Partnerships, APS Reform Branch

Georgina Alsop currently leads the Engagement and Partnership Projects Team in the APS Reform Office. Previously, she has worked at the NIAA for eight years, across engagement, policy and partnership roles. She is passionate about supporting the APS to undertake more inclusive and impactful engagements and improve its ability to partner effectively.



Emma Goodman, APS Reform Office

Having experienced a variety of public sector roles since 2006, Emma Goodman has an unwavering focus on improving our ability to put people at the centre of policy and services. From front line service delivery as a social worker, to service design, project implementation and providing evidence-based policy advice, Emma has personally witnessed the impact that quality engagement can have on a broad range of APS roles. Now working with APS Reform in collaboration with Services Australia to bring the Vision and Charter to life, she has found her sweet spot!

Participant benefits

  • Gain an understanding of: APS Reform in a nutshell; The Charter of Partnerships and Engagement; and the Vision for User-Centred Service Excellence.

Suitable for

All staff.

Category and User Level

This workshop aligns with the Engagement and Partnership Craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

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60-minute face-to-screen session. 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (AEDT)
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Australia wide
40 seats