MasterCraft Series - Good Work Design in Practice

We all want work that uses our strengths, aligns to our values, supports our health and wellbeing and enables us to learn and develop. This session explores how to use good work design to create thriving workplaces. 



Headshot of Tamara Wakeman

Tamara Wakeman

Tamara is an Assistant Director in Comcare’s Strategic Partnership and Engagement Group leading work to build stakeholder capability to support work participation. As a qualified Work Health and Safety Professional Tamara has 20 years’ experience promoting health and wellbeing and preventing harm to health, in the public and private sectors. Tamara has a strong focus on achieving outcomes through the application of evidence-based practice. Tamara’s deep understanding and strategic ability to connect systemic level problems to practical solutions enables her to contribute towards ensuring that every Australian can participate in good work.


Anthony Dusan

Participant benefits

  • Better understand the concepts of ‘good work’ and ‘work design’ and how good work design can benefit you and your team.

  • Identify opportunities to apply good work design to your work/in your team.

  • Know where to find resources that can help you apply good work design in practice.

Suitable for

All staff.

Category and User level

This workshop aligns with the Leadership & Management Craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

How to register - Additional Information

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60-minute face-to-screen session. 1:30PM - 2:30PM (AEST)
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Australia wide
250 seats