MasterCraft Series – Collaborative practice and social innovation

The business of government is increasingly being conducted through flexible, temporary and networked structures that engage non-government and private sector actors in developing solutions to specific policy and service design and delivery challenges. Locally and internationally, government is also increasingly involved in emerging forms of direct engagement with the public, including experiments with direct democracy (deliberative polling, citizens juries, etc.) seeking to reinvigorate public participation in government and facilitate new ways of forging direct, personalised policies and services.

Such initiatives may also have the effect of strengthening communities and producing social innovation. They can, however, present significant challenges to traditional forms of engagement, policy development and service design and demand new skills of both public servants and their organisations. A common theme is the increased demand for new forms of collaboration, both across government and with non-government actors.

This masterclass workshop will introduce participants to some of the main ways that governments are promoting social innovation and explore practical responses to some of the challenges such initiatives present.

Dr Garth Britton is Professor of Practice in Canberra. He works with other University academics, educators, Graduate School staff and industry professionals, to design, develop and deliver transdisciplinary education programs that meet the specific requirements of post-graduate students as well as a range of government clients.

The APS Academy MasterCraft Series, is a program of masterclasses delivered by experts in their fields. The Engagement and Partnership component of this MasterCraft Series is presented in collaboration with our Public Service Management Program (PSMP) delivery partner, the Queensland University of Technology.


Dr Garth Britton

Craft and User Level

This event aligns with the Engagement & Partnership Craft at the Foundation level.

Two hour session – 12noon – 2pm
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$75 per attendee
40 seats