MasterCraft Series - Accessible Business and Learning Documents

People from a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities, locations, work, contexts, demographics and needs are employed in the APS. 

When deliverables are accessible and inclusive by design, all APS people can understand, navigate and interact with the experience in their own way, improving employee engagement and experience. Learn from the APS Academy how to recognise areas that need accessibility thought applied to them in your work. 



Portrait of Megan Longwell

Megan Longwill is a learning professional with over 10 years expertise in facilitating and designing learning artefacts. In that time, Megan has amassed considerable experience coaching others in high quality learning principles, including accessible and inclusive learning opportunities. Megan is currently the APS Academy’s Quality Assurance Manager.

Participant benefits

•    Learn how to create accessible business and learning documents.
•    Know where to go for additional support and learning.

Suitable for

APS 1 – SES Band 3

Craft and User level

This workshop aligns with the APS People craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

1.5 hour Face-to-Screen session. 11:00AM - 12:30PM (AEST)
Event type
Australia wide
$0 per attendee
60 seats