MasterClass Series: Program Management Practice in the APS

Services Australia demonstrates the use of Practice Enhancement Frameworks and customer design thinking to support uplifting capability in APS end-to-end Program Management.

‘End to end program management is professional discipline which incorporates a diverse set of core capability and skill dimensions. The practice is multi-faceted and spans a wide range of functional domains including governance, service design, stewardship, risk and assurance and relationship management. It intersects the broader strategic spheres within Services Australia’s transformation agenda, program stewardship, and exists in an often fluid political and policy environment. This challenges us to positively influence, collaborate and manage a critical set of relationships and networks. It’s our job to ensure that the parts fit together as a whole to deliver programs that achieve their intended outcomes.‘



Head shot of Facilitator Eric Harper

Eric Harper is presently the National Manager for Participation Programmes and Compliance at Services Australia (Customer Service Design Group). He leads a range of diverse end-to-end programs and transformational projects geared towards improving outcomes for working age citizens through economic participation.  He has held senior executive positions in varied portfolios throughout 4 Australian government jurisdictions (New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and the Commonwealth). His career has spanned the full spectrum of program delivery (including on the front line) through to strategic policy areas encompassing funding, design, regulation, implementation and industry reform.

Eric holds formal qualifications in behavioural science (B. Science/B. Psychology with Honours, Master Applied Psychology (Neuroscience)), management (B. Management- Project Management) and a Master in Public Administration (ANZSOG).

Participant benefits

The event will:

  • build capability across the APS through adopting an analytical and intentional thinking lens to  program design, governance and delivery assurance.
  • provide adaptable guidelines, tools and resources useable in your work context.
  • introduce 27 practical, innovative and adaptable tools in program and component project management, customer focused engagement. and the application of data and intelligence to inform your work.
  • provide an interactive opportunity that encourages open discussion, sharing of experiences and thought-provoking engagement.

Suitable for

APS 1 – SES Band 3

Craft and User level

This workshop aligns with Implementation and Services at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

1.5 hour face-to-screen session. 2:00PM - 3:30PM (AEST)
Event type
Australia wide
$0 per attendee
40 seats