Management in Action - November

This program aims to increase the confidence of managers in using formal authority to achieve business outcomes. This will be done by examining managerial responsibilities in a series of workplace simulations and role plays. Learners will be immersed in plausible scenarios to facilitate learning through practice. This allows the exploration of options and decisions without concern for real time consequences.


Delivery of online-facilitated sessions use a virtual classroom tool (e.g. Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx or Pexip). Agencies have access to different virtual classroom tools. Prior to enrolling on a course, it is suggested that you check if you have any restrictions using the tools. If you would like to complete the course, but cannot access the virtual classroom tool on your work device or network, we recommend you use a personal device such as a laptop or computer with a strong network to support you at home or other offsite location. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.


This offering is facilitated by a facilitator from the APS Academy. The Academy has facilitators based across Australia with extensive experience from a career in the public and private sectors with varying experience and subject matter expertise.

Six sessions. 4 hours each.
Event type
Australia wide
$1975 per attendee
18 seats