Leading Regulatory Systems - SES

This course helps senior regulatory executives and understand and better navigate an environment where new forms of complexity, risk and technology are multiplying challenges for regulators. Regulatory issues covered in this course include Australia’s regulatory landscape, meta-regulation, regulatory complexity, risk assessment, responsiveness, compliance, regulating disruptive technology and managing stakeholders.

This course is suitable for people who currently lead regulatory portfolios and projects in government agencies, or who will do so in the future.

This content has been provided by the APS Academy.


The Leading Regulatory Systems course consists of 8 learning modules and a pre-course meet and greet session. Additional details can be found in the course flyer and event session below.

The modules are:

  1. Who regulates?
  2. The regulatory toolkit
  3. Choosing the right regulatory approach
  4. Authorising environment and social licence
  5. Applying behavioural insights to compliance and enforcement
  6. Compliance and defiance
  7. Digital, technological and social transformation
  8. Case-study workshop: regulatory choices in context

Each module consists of the following:

  • 90-minute live session with presenters (virtual classroom using MS Teams).
  • 20–40 minute pre-recorded lecture covering core topics from the module – available to revisit at any time.
  • Recommended readings, videos and self-paced activities associated with each module.

In addition participants will have access to a pre-course ‘tech check’ (scheduled drop-in sessions to check that your technology is working in advance of course start).


This offering is facilitated by The Australian National University (ANU) School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet). The facilitators will have considerable subject matter expertise through practice and academia.

Nine Sessions. 1.5 hours each,
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Australia wide
$3495 per attendee
25 seats