Effective Communication - August

This course was previously named Compelling Communication.

Almost everything we do in the workplace involves communication and our overall job effectiveness is strongly influenced by how well we communicate. In the APS, we require the ability to present information clearly, concisely and in a compelling manner, going to the heart of the issue with speed and clarity.

Effective communication is about being able to deliver strategic and operational information quickly and clearly to a specific target audience or individual. As such, effective communication takes into account the needs and characteristics of the specific audience.


Please ensure you have completed your pre-work activities before the commencement of your session.  You may not be able to participate in the course if your pre-work has not been completed.

Prior to the session start date, it is suggested that you check if your agency’s network has any restrictions using any virtual classroom platform. If you are unable to access the virtual classroom platform on your work device or network, you will need use a personal device.

Please ensure you have access to a working camera and microphone to participate.


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Three sessions. Two 3-hour sessions and one 3.5-hour session.
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Australia wide
$1850 per attendee
18 seats