Craft Conversation - Digital Profession and Data Profession

The Craft Conversations are a series of live discussions aimed at highlighting emerging contemporary practices, discussing up to date and emerging issues and challenges, and providing a platform to promote real world successes from across the APS.

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This event examines the Profession of Digital and Data. The expert practitioners discuss the theme of, "What is Digital and Data and why it matters?”. They will explore how both Digital and Data intersect and the role played in the APS. This isn’t just for IT and data people it’s for everyone.

The Panellists are Randall Brugeaud, Head of Digital Profession with Dr David Gruen, Head of Data Profession.

Suitable for

APS 1 - SES 3

Craft and User Level

This program aligns with the Digital and Data Professions at the Foundation level.

1 hour session
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Australia wide
$0 per attendee