Alumni Connect – Co-Coaching Circle - August

Co-Coaching Circles are an opportunity for participants of our coaching courses to continue to practice and develop through real world application of their coaching skills.  These sessions are designed for people who have engaged with APS Academy programs that contain elements of coaching such as ‘Coaching and Developing Others’ and the ‘EL2 Leadership in Practice’ programs. Participants will briefly re-cap the core principles of coaching and the GROW model, then actively apply their coaching skills by coaching other participants through a problem.

These sessions are confidential, so participants can explore these issues in a judgement free, supportive environment with a continuous growth lens. Each participant will have the opportunity to coach, receive coaching and act as an observer providing a 360⁰ coaching experience. Participants should bring a problem to be coached on. 

Participant benefits

  • Coming together as a coaching community following these small group sessions, participants will engage in reflective discourse identifying successes, areas for growth and strategies for future development.
  • The group will receive expert advice and guidance from an experienced coach and be provided with pathways to bring this learning back to their workplaces and continue their development as highly effective coaches.

Suitable for

Participants who have completed 'Coaching and Developing Others', 'EL2 Leadership in Practice', or other coaching courses.

Craft and User Level 

This event aligns with the Leadership & Management Craft at the Practitioner level.

Two hour session from 3:00 PM -5:00 PM.
Event type
$0 per attendee
18 seats