Academy Leadership Capability Connect - ALCC

The APS Academy’s Executive Programs Team invites L&D and SES coordinators to their third ‘Academy Leadership Capability Connect’.  The ALCC 3.0 will be a virtual session via MS Teams.

The APS Academy is committed to continuing to build stakeholder relationships as we recognise you play a crucial role in promoting, supporting and managing leadership development opportunities.

This learning experience has been provided by APS Academy - Executive Programs.

Participant benefits

  • Addressing the current government theme - Integrity
  • Exploring the Academy offerings - across all levels - highlighting the programs that feature Integrity
  • Playing with pro-integrity culture
  • Building partnerships across the APS

Suitable for

All staff.

Category and User Level

This learning experience aligns with the Leadership & Management Craft at the Foundation level.


Free of charge.

How to register - Additional Information

  • To enrol in this session you will need a valid APSLearn profile. 
  • Steps on how to create an APSLearn profile or to view FAQs can be found here.
  • If you have moved Departments or you have multiple APSLearn profiles, you can request to merge your profiles here
90-minute face-to-screen session. 2:00PM - 3:30PM (AEST)
Event type
Australia wide
100 seats