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Understand the capabilities that all public servants need to perform their craft.

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Learn more about the APS Professional Streams: data, digital and human resources.


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This project is funded under the APS Capability Reinvestment Fund 2023-24. It seeks to elevate the expertise and experiences of First Nations drone professionals and organisations.
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The APS Academy team provide guidance on how to ‘manage up’. Learn about communication preferences, influencing, emotions and logic and how to combine all these to give your project the best shot at success.

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Managing People and Projects -      

An APS that has capability to do its job well        

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Strategic Leadership

Take an in-depth look at shaping strategy with a sense of purpose and direction, using information and opportunities, showing judgement and common sense. Use environmental scanning and best practice models and tools to help anticipate the consequences and trade-offs of actions.
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Comcare’s evidence-based Good Work Design resources can better support health, wellbeing, work participation and productivity, while creating psychologically safe teams.
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This course will assist APS leaders at all levels to develop the skills and techniques to build an effective and productive hybrid team working environment.

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APS Unlocked - Essential information and tips for a successful and productive career in the APS:

This course is delivered on 04/06/2024, by face-to-screen comprising of one 90-minute session.

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