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Two women sitting on a sofa talking.

While we all want to be there for someone in need, sometimes the thought of asking someone ‘R U OK?’ can feel daunting. However, we are all capable of learning skills to support someone in distress – it is not something only health professionals can do.
A man, Eamon Lindsay, in high visibility vest standing in front of a plane having cargo loaded.

There are approximately 15,000 APS employees working in compliance and regulatory roles performing important and diverse work across the APS. The APS Academy is excited to showcase a day in the life of a frontline regulatory officer, Eamon Lindsay.
Interlocking cogs with the words rules, regulations, standards, compliance and policies written on the cogs.

Regulation is not just about the creation of “rules” (commands). It is a system of component parts that come together to minimise the risk of harm.

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APS Academy toolkit

A series of videos that answer common questions on having a solid evidence base for best practice policy making, which is also a Government requirement.
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By undertaking this self-directed course you will learn about a range of key regulation concepts and skills.